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Machine Learning Engineerย 2 years ago

ML Engineer vs ML Ops for growth in future

Hey Guys,

I am working as a Machine Learning Engineer at Fugro. It's an engineering company that collects and analyzes geological data at sea and land for government and private projects.

The role requires me to work with multiple teams within the organization to build ML POCs for them. In case they like the POC then my team focuses on proper deployment. We do both on-premise and cloud deployment

With this role I have worked on satellite, lidar and ultrasonic data projects. I have learned a lot about those technologies and how they are being used in different scenarios.

I am just not sure if I am in the right company for growth in future. Most of my friends say that I should go into tech companies as they pay more and the growth opportunities would be more. But I don't want to go into the leetcode cycle.

I am thinking to transition to MLOps as there are a lot more jobs and the salary seems better than what I am getting rn.

I make about 130k base with no bonus. 2 YOE.

Looking for some advice.

Thnx ^_^

randomSoftware Engineerย 2 years ago
I've done MLOps stuff for a while and it's fun, there is a lot to do and yes I make a little more than most ML engineers around me. But it's never going to have as many opportunities as ML, and the salary bump is very likely temporary as a lot of companies are starting to do more with ML right now and need better infrastructure. But you are building infra that many ML engineers will be using. You can progress along the IC track pretty far, but if you want to switch to the management track at some point they will want deep ML experience in your background to manage an ML team, which again there are many more of than MLOps teams. I do second what your friends have said about finding the right company. You'll not only earn a much better salary but you'll also learn more at a company with lots of talented engineers and scientists around.