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Technical Program Managerย 2 years ago

Meta (facebook) SDE mess up

My brother did two coding assessments at Facebook for a generic ML SDE role and only completed one question out of two in each. The feedback has been that the coding assessment didn't go very well (obviously) but he can proceed to the next step which is System Design interview. The question is should he pull out of the application right now or keep on pressing through given that he may not get it and the negative impact on the future applications? He does not want to burn his chance with FB and was wondering if it was better to pull out now rather than finishing the whole process and get a bigger No? (they provide the full response only after finishing all the assessments)

Thanks in advance for your insight

herfysSoftware Engineerย 2 years ago
I don't see why he shouldn't just go through the full loop. There's a chance he does well in system design, and if not, it's just good practice. Also curious if your brother had any interviews cancelled, seems like Meta has instated an interview freeze cross company. So if he gets the chance, I'd definitely take the interview for sure since others are just getting dropped right now
MetamanTechnical Program Managerย atย Facebook2 years ago
Freeze on E4 only