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LinkedIn Front-End SSWE Odds

I had my SSWE virtual on-site for a front-end engineering role on Tuesday, and here is how it went:

  1. System Design and Architecture - I feel great about this one and connected with the interviewer. I was able to talk about the problem at hand and offer ways to optimize and make for a better user experience.
  2. Coding DS&A - Nailed the first question and provided multiple ways to achieve the result. Provided a brute force solution to the second question and was stumbling for the optimized approach. I know I was on the right track and was able to explain my thought process.
  3. Product and Technical Taste - I felt great about this one and showcased a bit of my Github profile, and ultimately had a great conversation with both of the interviewers.
  4. JavaScript for UI - I felt great about this one, although it was more collaborative than I would have expected. Perhaps this slot was meant to see how I work with people.
  5. Pragmatic UI - I felt remarkable about this one. It was my favorite interview, and the engineers were knowledgeable. We went back and forth discussing tradeoffs and ultimately had a great time.
  6. Host Manager - I also thought this one went well though I know I could end up rambling at times.

Overall, the process was positive, and LinkedIn has a top-notch recruiting pipeline. At times, my nerves got the best of me, but I hope my communication skills shined in these moments.

What do you all think? It has been three days, and my recruiter mentioned to me yesterday morning that I should have the feedback by EOD.


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Thanks for the post and hope you get a great offer! Can you shed some light on what you mean by : "The DS&A round also relies on the DOM and built-in objects" Also, was the system design more focused on FE?



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