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anonymousstudentย inย ย 
Computer Scienceย 4 months ago

Is a BA/MS worth it?

Undergrad student looking for advice. I'm currently pursuing a BA in CS and I'm considering doing a combined BA/MS in CS but not sure if it's worth it. Here's some things to consider:
1. I'd have to take a heavy courseload until i graduate = more stress
2. I could potentially graduate on time but it'd be tough. I may need to take an extra semester.ย 
3. If i can finish the BA/MS within the time it would normally take to finish my BA, itd be free. But if i do take an extra semester, itd be around $20k extra.ย 
4. I plan on doing full stack work after i graduate.
5. I may want to do engineering management in the future.ย 
6. I've heard that BA/MS programs aren't very resepcted in industry because they're not seen as a "real masters degree"

Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated!
BigDudu77Full-Stack Software Engineerย 4 months ago
For most software engineering work MS isnโ€™t necessary, unless you want to be in AI or something similar. You will be competing with non citizens though who are required to take masters.
anonymousstudentComputer Scienceย atย Northwestern University4 months ago
Thanks for your insight!