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iOS Engineer 2 years ago

Apple offering “initially remote”

I've had a handful of Apple recruiters reach out lately for roles that are in iOS development this last week but they are "initially remote and then on site". I thought Apple was just in the news for saying they want everybody on site? 

Anybody know if Apple is actually doing fully on site right now? They seem like the kind of company to have a lot of employees not listen to them when they are asked to come back on site…
undertoneSoftware Engineer 2 years ago
I believe they are delaying return to office, so new offers going out at not just Apple but other companies like Google are “initially remote” as well
19g6vl27sqrb6iOS Engineer 2 years ago
Tata consulting for real tried to get me to take $90k/year for an iOS dev role that required me to move to Austin for apple. I think they figure people will take lower pay for a good client, but fuuuuuck that hahaha