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Full-Stack Software Engineer a year ago

Experienced dev: to job hop or too risky right now?

I have 5 years of web dev + react native experience under the belt and have spent 2.5 years at my current employer so far. 

I'm ready to move on for various reasons, but given current economic conditions, especially with layoffs in tech, do you think it is riskier to join a new team? Or shall I spend my time upskilling and be more prepped for tech interviews?

(In this context, "upskilling" is me learning swift/ios programming, building and launching an app + leetcode. But its basically between: spend time on leetcode and active interviewing, or upskilling and then interviewing)

If it helps, I make $90k+ for remotely for a PA company living in NYC. I'm not uncomfortable with it, but it can get tight.
TridomMachine Learning Engineer a year ago
With that salary, I’d hop.

Big companies aren’t done with layoffs yet, but you can do pretty well with a startup working in a domain that isn’t getting hit (steer clear of adtech).

I’d be forward and bring it up in interviews. If a company is put off by a question about their long term sustainability and their plan for weathering the current economic climate, it’s probably not somewhere you wanna end up anyway.
19g618l2hxekiySoftware Engineering Manager a year ago
Good advice. Definitely think if the industry is recession resilient.

I would take the answer of their future outlook with a grain of salt through. As the recruiter or hiring manager, their goal is to sell you the job, and will not tell the whole picture. They may withhold bad future outlook event if they have that information.



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