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iOS Engineer 2 years ago

IRS interview this Monday

Anyone have any idea of how much of a salary I should ask for for a position to help the IRS build what i'm assuming is an iphone app? Its through a contractor and not the IRS directly. 

Me: 3 yoe in ios dev, $300/mon rent and
 the position is fully remote
19g615l1c8yag4Software Engineer 2 years ago
I’m in the DC area contracting for the NIH. My salary is 150, no bonus or stock. 5 yoe. As others have said, not faang money but not what I expected from government work.
19g6vl27sqrb6iOS Engineer 2 years ago
Do u live in DC? I don’t want to move cuz I’m so much in credit card debt right now ($10k) and I’m paying $300/mon rent.

I keep having company’s reach out for positions in Cali and Texas but those are now both HCoL areas so idk how much economic sense it makes for them to make the locations competitive Vs just caving and adapting to remote work.

3 apple recruiters have called me in the last 2 days for positions that are “initially remote” but then they want Cali or Austin Texas.



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