bentilla in  
Product Manager at Snapa year ago

Would you still work your job if you were the sole winner of the powerball?

The person who won bought it in Joe’s Service Center in Altadena, California. If you're in LA, you know that's not too too far away.

If I was them, I'd stay at my job for a couple months and then quit.

No reasonable amount of RSU's would get me to $631,615,904 (this is the take home) and even if they did, it'd take me building an empire from the ground up over what, 10-15 years?

I think I'd quit being a PM and just chill out the rest of my days. Maybe build a bunker just in case things continue to go south.

Wilton GorskeMarketing a year ago
I would write a donation check to the startup I work at in the millions of dollars to ease any hard feelings and hope they understood my departure given the lifestyle change, haha.
KOaiw9HauData Scientist a year ago

Why not be an investor? Do you know them personally at that level? I could care less 🤣