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elemelonΒ inΒ Β 
Software EngineerΒ 4 months ago

Infos on CARIAD?


it looks like I'm getting an offer as Senior SE from CARIAD, who are building Volkswagen's Software Platform in Berlin, Germany. Does anybody have any info regarding TC, levels, teams, atmosphere etc.? Have you heard about that company before?

SoUrC3Data EngineerΒ 4 months ago
Has someone compensation details regarding cariad?
elemelonSoftware EngineerΒ 4 months ago
From my understanding, the compensation is guided by a wage agreement with the IG Metall union but there is some wiggle room. The initial offer depends on how you've performed during the tech an hr interviews and your experience. I've heard about initial offers between 80-90k for full-time (40h/Mth). However, due to them being in IG Metall, the default working hours are 35h/Mth so you can expect a lower offer respectively. It seems to me that you can pretty much freely switch between 28-40h on a monthly basis. You will also have yearly performance interviews which might lead to a salary adjustment. The higher bands are usually given to management, but you apparently also reach them as a tech expert.