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Business Analyst a year ago

Transition to SWE Advice

Hello, so my goal is to transition into SWE from the financial services industry. I'm currently going back to school for a B.S. in CompSci (WGU). Currently my plan is to finish my degree, build a small portfolio, leet code, and learn a diverse range of technologies and languages. 

The problem is my current role; my title is Sr. Business Control Specialist but in that role all I do is write code to automate tasks and build programs to improve the market risk management for a multi-billion dollar trading book. And with that comes decent pay to the tune of ~100k / yr total. 

Which brings us to the heart of the issue that I bieve switching industries will be very difficult at that comp level. So what else do I need to do to try and break into something like a MAANG or Quant/Algo position where I can keep my comp and start getting real SWE experience?
nebberzSoftware Engineering Manager at Sprinklra year ago
Don’t wait to start working on leetcode or building your portfolio. Depending on the role I’m hiring for I’d usually take a student with an impressive portfolio they can speak to over an experienced an experienced engineer with no portfolio. Passion has immense value to hiring managers you want to work for.

Also navipJC is right, the market is super saturated right now from all the layoffs and by the time you’re ready to transition hopefully it will be better.

Lastly don’t play down your automation experience, it’s coding too. Be able to explain how the logic operations and things made you a better coder
SpuffBusiness Analyst a year ago
Right on, I'll start working right away! And that's what I'm hoping too, after a few years of school and relative safety in my current job I'm hoping the job market will be less saturated.



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