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Promoted from software engineer to architect, how to prepare?

I'm a senior software engineer with 7 years of backend development and 3 years of frontend development. Currently I am the most experienced backend swe in current team, 20 devs and 20 other roles. Sometimes I feel I am the tech lead in the team besides our architect. Recently I am told that the company want me to be an architect for another project to migrate it to gcp. I was never a tech lead or architect before.  What should I prepare for this promotion?

Any suggestions would be appreciated!
19g614l3on4f3rSoftware Engineer a year ago
Read this to make sure you have a solid plan and it’s the right fit.

xnvnSoftware Engineer a year ago
Thanks for the helpful link. Very interesting. I also had similar experience as the opinion in that post.

In my current project, I met 2 architects. The 1st one doesn't know how the system is actually implemented. He only forces people doing what he want. All meetings with his present were almost stupid wasted time to all participants. The 2nd person actually just does his job as a normal software engineer with the title architect. He only does extra responsibilities when he needs to. The team works very well with the 2nd guy. I will need the check what does the new team's project manager expect from me as an architect and see if I can be the 2nd type or not there.



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