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How do I get a Job?


I graduated with a major in computer science in July 2022 and have been looking for work for the past 5–6 months. Wipro chose me for their velocity program, where I was trained on mean stack. Training took place from February to August of 2022, after which I was supposed to receive an OL because I completed all of the projects and assignments there, but due to a lack of demand, the onboarding was postponed. Now I'm looking for new opportunities.


I've been looking for work for the past 5–6 months and have applied to over 500 jobs but have not been shortlisted. Only my resume is getting rejected. I received investments from 2–3 companies that were extremely difficult to crack and that I was unable to clear. I get calls from some midsize businesses, but they simply don't take my application further without giving me a reason when I explain my situation. But the fact that I am only getting responses from 2–3 companies after applying to so many is quite low, and I am unsure what I am doing wrong here.

Solutions I am thinking of:

1.) I believe I am being rejected because companies do not want to work with me because I tell them I am still with Wipro (which you can see in my resume below) and just waiting for an offer letter from Wipro's side and looking for different companies because they are delaying it, so other companies may think I could just move back to Wipro if I get an OL from them. So I was considering showing them that I had left Wipro. I should mention that I finished my training there and left without waiting for OL. But I'm not sure if it will work, so if you could help me with that, that would be great.

2.) I believe my resume lacks some format or courses, making it less valuable than those of other applicants. I've attached my resume for you to review and suggest changes that will help me improve it. I believe my resume is being rejected by ATS and am unsure what to do.

Thank you all for reading this, and I appreciate any and all suggestions. I hope you guys can understand my situation.


Levels - Google Drive

Levels - Google Drive

deaeoi77HHuman Resources 2 months ago
Some initial thoughts on your resume that can drastically improve your hit rate: 1) Remove the interests and "languages" section as that will not do anything to improve your job matching in the applicant tracking system unless they specifically ask for languages spoken. 2) You should have multiple resumes, ideally 3-5 versions that have slight tweaks to match the jobs that you're applying to. The strategy that I believe works best to get a high match is to copy and paste the language from the job description directly that matches your experience. So if the job description says something like -> "Experience developing and maintaining applications developed for the AWS platform with Angular..." -> Your experience should say something like, "developed and maintained applications such as ____ and ______ for the AWS platform with Angular" 3) I would move your certifications up a. Experience, b. Projects, c. Certificates, d. Technologies/Skills, e. Education



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