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Offer rescinded by Meta, community rallies to help the guy out

Saw this crazy story on LinkedIn yesterday and was wondering if anyone else had this happen. A TON of support for this guy which is nice to see. These companies really dgaf about the little guy. They need us to build and yet they treat us good until they dont need us anymore. I hope the rest of us get the same outpouring of support if something like this happens.

"Unfortunately, my engineering offer with Meta was rescinded yesterday due to the current poor economic environment.

As someone coming from a non-traditional tech background and just getting started in my software engineering career, this was a dream job and dream opportunity for me that I worked extremely hard to get.

What makes this extra difficult is my life is currently packed up in boxes waiting to be shipped to London, as my flight is booked for next week. I not only need to find a new job, but also figure out where I’ll be living.

I signed the offer letter back in June, so months later being told the offer was getting pulled right before I was due to fly out feels a bit harsh. I decided to stop interviewing for other roles altogether back in June, so I have been out of work for quite some time as I was already not working. (In hindsight this was a poor choice on my part, however, after being reassured by my recruiter, I decided why not just use this as some personal time before starting the new job and moving countries)

Feeling a tad bit crushed, as the last few months have been filled with preparation for moving my life to the UK - between getting my UK work visa, working with all the teams on the relocation company, packing and working with the movers, tying up loose ends here in the US, getting my UK tax number and bank account process started, getting accommodation sorted in London, all the research for moving to a new city/country etc etc.. it’s been a lot of work and a lot of excitement.

Anyways not trying to make this a feel bad post, but I am looking to get back into interviewing and was hoping this network might be able to help. I am still new in my Software Engineering career and will need a couple of weeks to get back on the Leetcode/interview prep grind as I feel quite out of touch with it all, but I am open to any and all opportunities you might have or know of!

If you know of any early career or entry-level Software Engineering roles, please reach out! I’m open to any company, large or small."


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Is he getting any compensation for all the moving expenses? like wtf