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Computer ScienceΒ 8 months ago

SysDev Engineer - L4 new grad

So i have a recuiter DM me about a system Development engineer position and have no idea what that is. Looked around any couldn't find concrete eveidence or pay range for that position. Anyone that knows about it or in it...what is it? Is the pay good? Stress? Life/work ratio? EtcΒ 
19g615kyyxtfyrTechnical Program ManagerΒ 7 months ago
Pay-wise, you'll be around 155k total comp. ~120k base pay, ~60k two year sign on bonus, ~600 RSUs. Role/Responsibilities and quality of life vary per team. Some are creating tooling, some are creating infrastructure for services, some are supporting products. Some will be on rotation and get paged a bunch, others don't even know there's a paging system. The overall gist is that you will be developing technical solutions for your team. Without knowing the job ID and organization it's in, I can only give a very high-level view.



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