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Amazon phone call

Hello everyone ,

Please what type of questions does a recruiter from amazon ask in a phone call with a candidate.its not a formal interview.I scheduled a phone call witb the recruiter and he requested for my resume and ask a few questions aboht my background?i have a phone call with her next week.Has anyone expereinced anything like this and what kind of questions do they ask?its a software engineer roles related.
JusterinfRecruiterย 2 months ago
Recruiter here- deep breath! We don't bite. :) Recruiter calls are general in nature, we're looking to find out about your background, projects you've worked on, and what you're interested in. My most general screening question is "Tell me about your favorite project, what it was, what you were responsible for, and what the results were". I have a few more general ones but that's the one that will tell me the most if you're a fit for the role. Some large companies can have very prescribed pre-screens (what recruiters call the first candidate call) and may ask some scripted tech questions. If you're still reading here's what we generally ask: General background/ projects Most comfortable tech stack Want to do Location Salary expectations Any Visa requirements Good Luck!



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