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Product Manager 2 years ago

Product Manager 2 job offer

I received a job offer from Zoominfo ( that I ended up declining).
The offer was :
Base $130,000
Bonus: $13000
RSU: 20,000 ( vesting 25% every year)

I knew that I woudn't go for this  company, and I wasn't prudent enough at the time and did not clarify with the recruiter ( as i had another offer from a company that I liked better).

I want help from this community understanding what dollar amount will 20,000 RSU, translate to? Or is 20,000 an absolute dollar amount ( where every year $5000 will vest)?

Let's say stock price at the time if offer was $67 and currently it's $57.

I was given this offer 6 months ago.

Thank you

FoldersAndFlannelsProduct Manager 2 years ago
A $20k RSU grant typically means you're promised 20k of shares of the company (https://www.google.com/finance/quote/ZI:NASDAQ) over a duration of time. In this case the vesting schedules sounds like its 25% each year for 4 years. This is a pretty standard vesting schedule. You'll get ~$5k worth of ZI stock each year. I put the ~ because the value of the stock you get can go up and down. Most companies will lock in your share price during the mont or quarter that you join the company. So lets say you join the company this month and the share price is currently $57. That means you get $20k divided by $57 = ~351 shares of ZI stock. Each year you get ~88 shares of stock. When you get that stock you can sell it or keep it. If you decide to sell and stock price has gone over $57, then you're making more than $5k per year. I figured levels.fyi would have some more info on this and just checked their blog. this is prob a good starting place: https://www.levels.fyi/blog/restricted-stock-units.html
TridentVeilProduct Manager 2 years ago
This is incorrect. The original poster didn’t put a dollar sign in front of RSUs…so 20k Restricted Stock UNITS is exactly that: 20k shares. So when the day of your stock grant comes, you will receive the RSU number times the current share price in value. 5k RSU times $57 is $285,000.



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