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Security Software Engineer a year ago

Switching career to ML/AI

Being in the security engineering field for the past 10y, I have worked as security swe, swe manager, and slowly acquired the seniority and a great position in FAANG.

During the past few years, I started diving into ML/AI in my spare time, including training and even a Masters specialization. Now I am excited to make the jump and most of the new learning I consume is ML related.

But to actually pivot, it seems that I would have to take a massive downgrade as the open positions for ML/AI without practical real experience seem to be junior.

For people in the ML/AI field, what do you suggest for such pivot to be feasible? Is there a chance that the previous experience can be the basis for a more senior position, or do I have to bite the bullet and restart in terms of TC?

ChamberMainCivil Engineer a year ago
Don't take a pay cut mate!
Money is everything tbh



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