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Security Software Engineer 3 months ago

Switching career to ML/AI

Being in the security engineering field for the past 10y, I have worked as security swe, swe manager, and slowly acquired the seniority and a great position in FAANG.

During the past few years, I started diving into ML/AI in my spare time, including training and even a Masters specialization. Now I am excited to make the jump and most of the new learning I consume is ML related.

But to actually pivot, it seems that I would have to take a massive downgrade as the open positions for ML/AI without practical real experience seem to be junior.

For people in the ML/AI field, what do you suggest for such pivot to be feasible? Is there a chance that the previous experience can be the basis for a more senior position, or do I have to bite the bullet and restart in terms of TC?

UnrankedSoftware Engineer 3 months ago
I have seen successful changes like that where TC remained the same when switch happens within company and position you go into is same as you are in right now in terms of seniority. I also think that after that you will value yourself more as "hey I have been paid this for doing ML/AI, I am worth this in the market" so when time comes to company change your TC compass is dialed already for negotiations.



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