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Am I being paid reasonably


I got hire as a Business Analyst 6 months ago at a 100k a year in the bay area with 1 year of experience, is that reasonable? Come February, there will be salary discussion as part of our reviews, I'm wondering how much should I try to discuss with my manager.

I fear I didn't negotiate properly when I got hired. I work with software engineers as a PO but will be transitioning to be more customer focus and actually going out there to speak with customers on features and gather some requirements. I am a hard worker, and have been getting nothing but positive feedbacks, even from our director.ย 

Thank you
qualczProduct Managerย a year ago
Have you looked at what the median is? 100k is definitely just short of the median so maybe look for 20-30k more in base depending on what the rest of your comp looks like. Idk how reasonable that is but here's the numbers I found: https://www.levels.fyi/t/business-analyst/locations/san-francisco-bay-area?sortBy=total_compensation&sortOrder=DESC&yoeChoice=junior



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