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Product Manager at Ernst and Younga year ago

So frustrated with Tech Consulting, need advice - what exit opps would you be evaluating?

I am feeling more and more frustrated in my current role. My team used to be comprised of really intelligent go-getting people with great backgrounds, but the dynamic has shifted in the past few years to the point where everyone seems content just going through the motions. I'm the only one on my entire team who can articulately advise on anything beyond the low-code platforms we actually support. Our offshore teams write buggy and vulnerable-ridden code and client leadership presses us to ease up to meet deadlines. Nobody takes any initiative to learn and leans on me as a crutch.
  1. What are some exit opps you'd recommend? I was ghosted or rejected by all FAANG and FAANG-adjacent companies between Oct-Dec, and had only 1 interview with a hiring manager from all the startups I applied to (~15)
  2. Is there any sort of career coaching service you'd recommend to have someone get to understand a specific situation more in-depth and help make connections to recruiters or mentors?
Happy to also answer any clarifying questions and grateful for any responses you'd be willing to offer.
SeahorseProduct Manager a year ago
Feel free to DM me and happy to have a quick chat. I used to be at EY and pivoted to more tech oriented roles
ProdanonProduct Manager a year ago
Mind if i DM you as well? I’m a current PM (banking product background-> fintech product) looks for a switchup to consulting



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