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Embedded Systems Software Developer a year ago

Career advice

Hello all, I really appreciate any advice on this. I’m currently working as embedded software developer (engine/transmission software development using MATLAB/Simulink, nothing related to OS) and thinking of switching into tech companies. I know it is not easy but I’m fairly confident I could learn DSA etc but I may struggle with system design. Anyway, below are the pros and cons I have listed out. Any opinion or advice is appreciated especially if anyone had the same experience. I’m on visa if that matters.

1. Freedom to move to any location in US as most software jobs are spread over compared to the current field which are mostly in Midwest. This is a bit important to me as I have few friends here and sometimes feel lonely. 
2. Long term growth opportunities.
3. I can go back to India if I want as software industry/pay #software #engineering is decent in India compared to mechanical.

1. I have around Masters +3 yrs experience in current field and senior engineer currently with good pay. May have to start over again as SDE.
2. Good WLB at current company.
3. Job satisfaction. I’m a petrol head and love occasionally working on machines at my job. I may also enjoy software dev but I’m not sure as of now.

Vi8jdHComputer Engineering a year ago
How is the visa situation? I see so many posts about it right now on all apps right now. Are you worried about layoffs?
CatD11Embedded Systems Software Developer a year ago
I’m not worried about layoffs at the moment but I feel there is more growth long term in tech companies.