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muzmuzΒ inΒ Β 
Computer ScienceΒ atΒ Brooklyn Collegea month ago

Java project recommendations.

Hello, so i am at the end of my junior year in college. I am going to apply to some internships for 2023 summer but first i need to build up my resume. Can anyone give me some project recommendations? I know java,c++,JUnit, and currently learning MySql. Thankyou.
egg19Backend Software EngineerΒ a month ago
Learn to build an API with Spring Boot and some sort of database (MySQL can easily be hosted locally). Having a simple CRUD application on your resume could go a long way if you are trying to become a backend software engineer
jseifuComputer ScienceΒ atΒ University of Washingtona month ago
I second this, I also did this exactly and it also helps with projects in the internship as well. Definitely important



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