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Program Manager-How do I get my first break.

I have 17+ years of experience in the Higher Education & Banking industry. I have worked in a hybrid technology/business role where I was a liaison between the two groups, and belonged in the Financial area. Worked with data reporting, compliance, dashboards and established processes to help the business with decision making and time savings.

My titles have been Financial Analyst, Business Analyst, Reporting Analyst , Director of Funds Management.

Now I am in the market for Program Manager roles and I am not getting the call backs. I am nervous and excited and am eager to accept this new challenge in my life but not sure how to get my first break.

Any words of wisdom, any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

MetamanTechnical Program Manager at Facebook2 years ago
You can definitely get Program Manager roles without being a SWE. Look into Program Manager, EPM, OPM, and other similar roles that could match your areas of experience.

Try to work with a coach or get feedback from someone who’s transformed into tech/TPM roles as well.

If you’re not getting calls back from applications/recruiters, your resume may need some work.
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