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Manager to Data Analyst/Scientist

So, many people move on to more managerial roles as they progress, which is great if they like it. But I am wondering, has anyone done the opposite? I work as a project manager right now, and honestly, I see this role as more of a coordinator, keeping track of project progress and milestones, creating project plans, corordinating between multiple stakeholders, you get the drift. There is no people management or mentoring involved( I work in staff augmentation mode), no technical involvement in terms of coding or solutioning, and I am realising that I don't enjoy this.
I did a Master's degree in Data Analytics, and I am confident that I have the technical chops, but not sure how I can make the move to a more technical role in Data, given that I do not have experience as a Data Analyst or Scientist. What would you do?
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I just went from a non coding position to data analyst within 2 months of being laid off. Learn python, SQL, maybe tableau if the you want needs it. Work on a project or two and you should be good to go
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Thanks. Yes, I know Python and SQL, slightly rusty on Tableau but not too bad. Did you create a portfolio and did that help you get calls?



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