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Interview for AWS SA scheduled

I have the 90 minute interview coming up. I have been through these before and even passed and went on to the loop. Various reasons why I am back at this stage, eg, position was filled, reviewing other candidates, etc. AWS recruiter gave me another chance. Any tips for the question about when you a mistake and the customer was unhappy with you? Seems I didn’t give a significant enough scenario last time. Being in healthcare we cant afford to make significant mistakes. Anyway I sure this question will come up again. I also need to say “I” more than “we”, it seems per the feedback. How much detail are the interviewers looking for? Any tips either way of getting through this technical/behavioral first interview?


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I wouldn't automatically assume you will get that same question again. The interview team has a list of questions so it's highly variable.

The best advice I can give you is to write down 8 to 10 stories in STAR format that align to the SA LP's, and practice reciting them several times.

If you don't have a good story for something it's not the end of the world to say so. I skipped one question in my loop and was candid about not wanting to embellish just to answer the question.

Source: someone who passed the AWS SA loop recently & received an offer.
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Agree. Amazonian here. They want stories related to the leadership principles.

Also biggest piece of advice is do not embellish or lie or be confidently wrong.

Behavior means more than technical skills that can be taught.

Good luck.



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