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Looking at how salary websites work, wouldn't showcasing the median salary in high inflationary market then keep down salaries? The statistically correct way in my opinion is to first de-trend, do the median then put back the trend.

Having really old salaries (pre-inflation, pre-COVID etc..) in the database is skewing down all the stats as they are taken over a non-stationary distribution. The median stats on the website should be limited to the data in the last year.

When I showed this website to my boss, he was like: yeah, look the median is under what you are earning, so you are good.

Whereas actually I'm struggling to pay my day to day expenditures due to the increased rent & food.

Even funnier, our HR increased the cafeteria prices by ~13% quoting inflation and increased prices but the salary ranges only by ~3% quoting they benchmark competitively in the market (ref "median").

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Your boss will cite whatever they can to justify your pay. Pay isn't "fair" or "market rate", pay is whatever you will work for mostly. Bring them a higher offer from another company and ask them to match it. If they don't match it, accept the offer.

If you can't get a higher offer somewhere else, that's the market telling you that you are fairly paid (note: the market may be wrong, and you may disagree, but that's how this works).