TwoDoubleCheese in  
Product Designer a year ago

Is tech layoffs even effecting UK and EU folks?

Seems like its mostly US workforce?.Im not in a FAANG but spoken with a friend connections at carious big tech places and theyve barely been touched it seems. 

AloofProduct Manager a year ago
Based in Ireland which has a bjg FAANG footprint, we’re seeing some of the cuts affecting (usually in the 200-500 people region per company) but definitely not as widespread as in the US.
Seems to be concentrated on Support functions over actual Product Dev people. Think the more comprehensive workers rights are making them think the process out much more.

Also think a big factor is the type of products and projects run out of UK/EU branches. They tend to be the more boilerplate stuff (Tools, Platform software etc.) with a lot less pure R&D. Means there’s a less likelihood your entire product has been canned and your team disbanded.
OutroWrenTechnical Program Manager a year ago
Yes, similar experience for me too. Interesting insight on the type of products, though. I've never thought about that before.