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Self-teaching coding?

Hey all,

Unfortunately, I'm a victim of the recent layoffs...

Fortunately, that gives me some time to learn new skills! I'm thinking about getting into coding as a sort of hobby to poke around with.

I've heard good things about Automate the Boring Stuff with Python, but am curious to know if others have had success or know of any good self-teaching resources for coding?

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Do not pay for coding classes if you are already out of school. I know it's tempting to see a guided curriculum that offers to make you proficient in coding on X amount of days/months but there are more efficient ways to do it. Especially since you are just dabbling in it right now

1) Find out what type of software engineering field you like most.

For example...

If you like mobile development, learn the basics of Java or Kotlin, then go on to learn Android Studios.

Or learn JavaScript then go on to Learn React Native

Or learn Swift then go on to learn SwiftUI.

2) Find a platform that will teach you the Basics and only the basics, after that move on, the rest comes with experimentation. I recommend Sololearn.
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Thank you so much! This is great info!