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Computer Scienceย 4 months ago

ADHD & Living Coding Interviews

I just had a live coding interview with a leetcode medium question. I easily could have solved it (have been consistently practicing), yet I struggle so much to both focus on the problem and solve it while also explaining my thought process. I start focusing on my explanation instead of the problem. The feeling of someone watching over my screen the whole time also gets in my head.ย 

I am not sure how much of this is ADHD, stress in my head, need for more practice, etc. Should I ask companies I am interviewing with for time accommodations? It feels like that is a weird ask and could negatively impact my chances, but I know I am capable of solving the problem without this horrible setting getting in my head. I would appreciate any advice and/or opinions, feeling very down because I really liked this company.ย 

rsquau8bfwSoftware Engineerย 4 months ago
It's only weird because we don't make it normal. I have autism and am high functioning so many times people don't even believe me. They have a certain idea of how I behave or act. When I asked to wfh, they initially said no. I told them noisy public places like the office lead to emotional distress in me and I can't work properly. I had to bring a note and prove to them that I was on the spectrum. I felt embarrassed. But now I am happier and more productive.
p3anutsBackend Software Engineerย 4 months ago
Same boatโ€ฆ so many times I canโ€™t focus for the entire day and then magically something kicks in and my brain just solves everything like dominoes, in a couple of hours.

I believe due to this I usually kill or bomb interviews, no in-between.



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