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Software Engineer  

Aspiring software engineer/developer apprentice

Hi everyone, I'm based in the UK, England and I'm in year 12 wanting to apply to swe apprenticeships going forward for year 13. My current companies I want to apply to are meta, google, apple and amazon. 

Is there anything I should know in general from current software engineers? And anything I can do to have a good chance in the application process, thank you.

Any and all advice is welcome from anyone in the swe field since I have a lot to learn.
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madscienceSoftware Engineer  
Build projects and start coming up with a little portfolio. These companies are going to want to see practical application of your knowledge, so you should be able to use your resume/CV to showcase that. Don't just list your skills with coding languages, actually show how you used those languages to build something.
kzhd01Software Engineer  
I already have a GitHub, so I’ll be sure to keep making projects and working on them