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Data Science a year ago

DS after working on SWE

Hi all,

I studied computer science. I have 7 YOE working as a software engineer. Nevertheless, I wanted to change slightly my proffession and started to study a master's degree in Statistics for Data Science 1 year ago. I will present the master thesis and therefore, finish the master's degree, in one week. The research of thesis is about a new dimension-reduction technique with spherical data.

One of the questions is: What is my seniority in the field? I don't have proffesional experience but I have worked in SWE for a long time. Having a huge knowledge of git, programming languages or cloud.

I would like to know what's the best approach to find an interesting opportunity. I am based in Europe, but don't mind to move to other place, for instance US. What are the best companies in DS? 

I am excited for this new chapter in my career. Also, recommendations or referals are welcome as well. 
19g617l4xls82zComputer Science at University of Illinois at Chicagoa year ago
Are you also open to Machine learning engineering or Research engineering roles? Since you have a good knowledge of both SWE and ML you might be a good fit for them.
luisrodrigarData Science at Universidad Carlos III de Madrida year ago
Yes, completely open to these roles too. What resources do you recommend to prepare an interview?



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