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What are your best tips for a side hustle in IT that really works?

What are the best ways to build up a local sideline in IT that does not correlate with your main job & creates conflicts of interest? Since the pandemic, I've realized that I need more than just one source of income. Thank you & have a great Friday!

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timbvuk2Software Engineerย ย 
The best side hustles are the ones you actually enjoy doing. If you can code, but hate it, it's not going to be a good side hustle. I'm a Software Engineer for my day job but have a passion for photography. I do various kinds of photo shoots for my side hustle. I get to nerd out about cool photography equipment, get into the creative part of what makes a great shot, and I get to meet lots of different kinds of people. Folks tend to pay decent for a solid photo shoot too.
johnhuatechSoftware Engineerย ย 
Graduation photoshoots are best.