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Product Manager a year ago

Google PM Interview

I'm currently at a Fortune 100 company as a product manager (senior) in service.  

Google reached out to me about generally applying for a senior PM and said based off of my experience (bench scientist, applications and field engineer as well as PM) they liked my background.  I applied a while ago for a senior PM, Android position and didn't hear back from them until now.

My 1st question is where are good resources to start with mock interviews?

I signed up for a Product Alliance course (pretty thorough) but I need to practice with real people and not just do the questions.

I spoke with a Product Lead at Google and he told me to push back my interview and get more time mock interviewing under my belt.  He said I could reschedule as many times without penalty.  

My 2nd question is the rescheduling without penalty true?

My 3rd question is it normal to go through an interview process without a specific team or role in mind?

My last question, are there any Google PMs here that would be willing to mock interview with me or provide me with contacts/resources to do so (I'll be up for my 1st phone interview)?

Looking forward to the responses!
sfMCuyUProduct Manager a year ago
Great questions. I can only really answer two of them since I didn't push my interviews back when I had them. This was 2 years ago mind you. I was interviewing for three different roles- Google, Facebook, and Snap. My experience at Google was solid, could also be because hiring was in a good spot compared to now so I'd keep that in mind as well. Not sure if anything has changed since The behavioral q's were what you'd expect- culture fit, leadership, conflict, failures. I can't remember them all but the two I recall- "Talk about a time where you had to persuade engineers to implement a particular feature" and "Describe a time you made a data driven decision but turned out to be wrong" The other thing is design related q's like design a clock for someone with a vision impairment or how would you improve <insert app>. Since you're in a senior role, hopefully it's less technical and more about discovery, improvement, growth, risk mitigation, etc. As far as mock interviews go, are you on any other social platform? How about lunchclub? You can find people on there pretty easily!
OnslaughtProduct Manager a year ago
Thank you so much for your feedback! I am currently not on any other social platforms other than the usual (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc) but I've thought about reaching out to Google PMs on LinkedIn and seeing if they are willing to participate in mock interviews with me.

I will look into Lunchclub. I definitely want to shore up any gaps I may have in interviewing execution on product sense/design questions and behavioral questions for the upcoming interview.