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Can I negotitate?

Hi Everyone. Today, I was happy to get an offer from a small - mid-size Chicago tech company. The work would The task would involve working on data processing and creating new models with the ML team. I am a senior at T100 school (CS). When I looked it up, the lowest pay for interns was $24, and the highest was $48 on their Glassdoor page; that data might be erroneous, though.

I have experience working on similar projects they are focused on and an Internship at smaller company and later EY.

I was offered $20/h. Should and can I negotiate? I would need to make at least $22/hour after taxes in order to have enough money for tuition for the final semester of college. No competing offer, I would otherwise need to work as a Research Assistant for $14-15 an hour.

I'm just worried if I ask for more they might move on with other candidates.

Edit: this would be my third internship. No benefits other than salary. 

Usually, internships aren't super negotiable, but $20/h seems super low, even for an intern. I definitely would recommend negotiating, but approaching it with that same justification you just gave us about your tuition costs. Be specific in the number that you ask for, be cordial about everything, and try not to make it come across as a 'demand.' As long as you have a reason to ask for more (which you do), then they're not usually going to just pull your offer right away unless you demand it.
Thank you! Will try to explain it as politely as possible



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