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Software EngineerΒ 22 days ago

Getting into Project Management

Being a technical Mainframe Developer, how can I transition into Project Management role. At my current organization I don't think I'll get into Project Management role. Thinking of switching to other organization for project management but then I'm not experienced in project management. Any advice on how to make it into Project Management roles?
RoundUp1Technical Program ManagerΒ 22 days ago
Could be a couple of ways to get into it. Getting a certification in project management, such as PMP (Project Management Professional) from PMI (Project Management Institute), could help. Look for opportunities to lead projects within your current role, even if they are smaller in scope. This will allow you to gain experience in managing projects, working with stakeholders, and making decisions. Network with project managers in your organization or outside of it. Seek their advice on how they made the transition to project management, and ask if you can assist them with their projects. This will help you learn more about the role and gain experience.