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What are the most lucrative exit opps for this job?

I am about to start my grad scheme as back office tech analyst. I will be responsible for doing the following:

• Being an active participant in our Agile feature teams: providing delivery support, defining requirements,

developing and testing code to support our transformational change agenda

• Contributing to the delivery ---- digital transformation ambitions whilst developing knowledge in Platform

and DevOps engineering and building and supporting ---- Cloud and Core technology

• Helping build out analytics products that deliver insights into business stakeholders

• Playing a leading role in implementing our security focus through assessment of third party security posture,

delivering engaging security awareness materials to colleagues, and advising strategic ---- on security


• Contributing to the growth of the investment data platform that sources, connects & distributes data to meet

investment, client and regulatory requirements

After specialising in one of them, what are the most lucrative roles, companies and industries and geographies I can go into?

Assume that I am good and suited at everything mentioned here above.

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When people mention exit opportunities they are referring to career changes. Consulting to Product Management. Lawyer at Lawfirm to In-House Counsel. CEO to VC. etc. I'd also not mention "lucrative" as well. This is typically a word that's typically used by those with years of experience talking bout another industry. So when I hear people using it and they don't have a ton of experience it screams "I'm junior." As always for every question it depends unfortunately. You can definitely make money in cloud security long term but if your company isn't building products that focus on that you'll be paid less overall. Product management is great as well but it depends if you're at a tech company or at WalMart helping them with tech. The former makes more money. I'd find the thing you're most passionate about, comes easily to you, and ensure your role impacts revenue/profit. DevOps even at a tech company won't make nearly as much money as a SWE or PM because they aren't making the company money.