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Biochemistry at University of Colorado Bouldera year ago

SWEII (intern) at Cisco

Hey everyone,

I just turned in a OA for a position listed as SWE II (intern) at Cisco. Does anyone have any details on this position? Specifically, is it a temp to hire kind of deal? And what is the salary level given it's listed as an SWEII?

Thanks so much!

EDIT: When/if I get a second interview I will absolutley update this with the details ✌️
jdblackiiiSoftware Engineer a year ago
I’m currently in process with them. Their communication has been absolutely horrible at all stages. I didn’t even know which position I was interviewing for, and they’ve left me hanging for over two weeks after interviews twice now.
jshbmllrBiochemistry at University of Colorado Bouldera year ago
Yikes, that’s frustrating. I have an internal contact that said something similar - no internal information about the role at all



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