Dan in  
Security Software Engineer a year ago

Being over employed

Does anyone have experience working more than one full time job at once? Ive been seeing lots of communities and blogs about engineers working two remote engineering jobs to make some extra money and im intrigued. I do ok for myself, but i could definitely use some extra cash. Would love to hear some thoughts on this.
Jx2Data Engineer a year ago
Much easier to do if the hours were different.
I plan to work 2 jobs but they are in different domains, and different hours.

Some people do it at the same time but that’s way too many meetings and emails to keep track of..

One thing though, if they don’t care when you work as long as you make your meetings and push your code and report 40 hours per week, then it’s doable. If you have the freedoms to work full time but to choose your hours and make some overlap with the teams, then it seems more manageable for 2 full time gigs.

Not as competitors obviously in same industry obviously… working in engineering for both Uber and Lyft for example wouldn’t be a good look.

Other than that, I don’t think people are dictating if you can work 2 jobs or not, since many lower income folks do it also.