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Career path pondering

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are well and had a good Christmas.
I'm looking into working for one of the big hightech companies. Now I'm from the Europe and was wondering if moving would be better for my career path then working remote from here?
If yes, what would be the best way forward. Do I plan a visit to the country for to be physically present at application talks. how did you guys do that?ย 

As I'm looking through career sites and also here at Levels there are many different engineering topics and specialties but also salary package ranges for senior /principal software engineer from 150k up to 900k and beyond.
I can imagine that salaries between 150k and 400k are somewhat experience, age and expertise based.
But what makes a job a 400k or 900k job?
Does anyone know from experience?
Is it a niche expertise? What different kind of pressure, longer ours, what kind of responsibility difference? Or working with more confidential data etc. ?ย 
jinyung2Software Engineerย a year ago
I dont know from experience but here are my best guesses: - sometimes its as simple as stock appreciation for an existing employee - other times it depends on how much revenue that company is generating - certain specialities pay better than others on avg (ML/AI vs SRE) - location plays a decent factor due to cost of living differences



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