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Need help with an offer

I finally got offered a job and its for 65k. I have a few other interviews lined up this week (DevOps Engineer 2 with a Local Company, Golang Backend Developer with Amex, and Site Reliability Engineer/Dev position in Delaware - No relocation help). I have started negotiations with this company to hopefully get an offer for 80k. What should I do? Wait for other companies and delay accepting the current offers? Accept the offer and leave if I get better offer? I need some help as this is the only offer I have currently.

P.S. I am based in Arizona, US, Green Card Holder. I just graduated with 3 internships, and 4+ student worker jobs.
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My biggest advice is to not let Amex know you have an offer from someone else. From personal experience, in this market they will simply cut bait and make someone else an offer instead of trying to win you over. My other biggest advice is don't fumble the bag. The most important thing about your first job is that you have one. You use that first job to pivot to something better in 2-3 years. A smaller local company struggling to compete with the market rate often means you'll be wearing lots of hats and develop broader experience, and this pays off later in your career.