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Junior Remote Roles

Hello everyone, I'm a software engineer based in Sub Saharan Africa. I graduated about a year ago, and have been freelancing ever since. 

I have been enjoying the freelancing gigs, but I would like to take my shot at a more permanent role. The software industry here in Malawi is not as up to speed as I would like, so I have been focusing my search towards more remote roles. 

I wanted to ask if anyone knows any platforms that caters for this particular kind of search and situation, or any places where they are looking for junior engineers that could work remotely. 

I'm a Full-Stack engineer (primary NodeJS & React). 

Thank you for your time, and I appreciate whatever information you have to share. 
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This may not be what you want to hear, but many American and European companies don't hire from Africa because the start-up costs (legal/tax, local presence) are very high. But consultant roles will become longer-term (1-3 years) as you build your skills. You can probably do very well on those jobs, and if you are entrepreneurial, you may be able to start up a consulting firm there in Malawi to hire local talent. I know that there are better full-time tech opportunities in Kigali and Nairobi. Those are not exactly close, and I do not know anything about immigration or work permits for Rwanda and Kenya, but those are the best cities I know of for full-time tech work in sub-Saharan Africa.
memata25Full-Stack Software Engineer a year ago
Thank you for the insight. I was worried about the issues you raised, I still felt like it would be worth giving it a shot, but I understand your reasoning.

I am open to relocating, I see that happening sooner or later.

I noticed that most companies that are willing to relocate new employees, tend to look for 2+ years of experience before even considering you for the interview.

I've been thinking about possibly just focusing on freelancing for that time. Then using that freelancing experience to relocate to a more permanent role.

The other option would be working remotely for other African Companies based out of Johannesburg, Capetown, Kigali or Nairobi.

I haven't thought about consulting, not really sure what that kind of job would Intel.



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