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Software Engineerย a year ago

From Engineering to Product Management

Hi community,

I'm a somewhat senior engineer (TC 300K, 7 YOE) in a big tech wanting to get into product management.

I got into software engineering because it was easier to get green card, but my PhD in Human-Computer Interaction really aligns better with product management.

What does it take to get into product management in my situation, and how much of a pay cut should I expect?

1onlygrapeProduct Managerย a year ago
Have you thought about internal transition? I am moving from product marketing to product management right now and all it took was a candid conversation or two or three with my group manager to find projects here and there I could work on. Not easy but I did get a title change and im officially on the product team now!
jeffweinerSoftware Engineerย a year ago
Thanks for the comment. I did consider it. In my company transitioning to PM means going into something like an internship program, and my pay will be cut in half. That makes me feel that getting an outside PM job might be more realistic.