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Product Manager a year ago

Reforge reviews. Is it any good?!

I am a seasoned PM, with a US MBA and 8 years of PM experience. I work on a lot of end user stuff. I am thinking of enrolling in the course.  
Is it any good for experienced folks? I am hearing a concern that this is only good for people who are trying to break into product management.
boatyMcboatfaceProduct Manager a year ago
I have 10 years PM experience and taken Reforge. As long as you align with a subject you want to go deeper in you’ll get a ton of value. For example, would get value out of the core PM course probably not. For me, I wanted deepen my knowledge on pricing strategy and took that course and got a ton out of it. I’ll also say the peers you’ll meet are great and I’ve really expanded my network with really high caliper people.



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