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Full-Stack Software Engineer 4 months ago


Hi All,

I have climbed the ladder in my current role, but it's not what I want to do. 7 years mid-senior level experience (NOT IN TECH). 30 yrs old.

Over the last 3 months, I have started and pushed through all the homework, readings, networking through 100Devs. (100Devs is an online resource that teaches others the MERN stack.) I hope to finish 100Devs in 7 more months.

Currently, learned html, css, and working through javascript. Pushing 7-8kyu codewars daily To GitHub.

I work full-time, I wake up 2 hours before work to study, study during lunch, and block out time for when I get home. Needlesstosay, Im breathing code at this point. (Keeping health/mental priority)

I have key soft skills from my current job. Problem is that I don't have a degree.
At this rate, could I make it into tech?

And if you've made it this far, would anyone be open to chat or mentor?

Thank you for your time.

19g618l48lv60oWeb Developer 4 months ago
What do you want to know ?

I know people who have joined tech after completing Bootcamp, so it is possible to do so without a degree in CS.

Some companies gatekeep, but a lot of others don't.

Also start attending interviews, that should give you an idea on your strengths and weaknesses.
sleepGuyFull-Stack Software Engineer 4 months ago
What would be the path of least resistance for someone without a degree to break in?

I also live in Southern California, so I feel like it would be competitive for me to get in?

Q2 of this year, I interviewed for Senior roles for my position to test the market and work on my interviewing skills. Many final rounds, but didn’t land anything. Which led to my reflection of my skills/direction in life. Hence the career pivot 😅. I got my A+ cert in my early 20s, but always regretted not taking a tech-related job. Loving web dev so far.



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