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What does PM role look like at Amazon, Google and other top-tech?

Hi everyone! Looking for someone who works/worked for top tech as Product Manager to learn internal kitchen? Some questions I have  - do PMs write stories, work in Jira? Do they have their own tech teams/pods? Is there a scrum master/delivery manager? What's the most typical day? Are there ceremonies like stand-ups?
Birju007Solution Architect a year ago
Not a PM myself, but I've got the opportunity to work with some at MAANG.
From what I've seen, they meet with senior leadership and discuss the financial commitments, timelines, expected revenue etc about a product. They also meet with the engineers, architects etc and discuss the technical feasibility of a product in the market, the expectations/outcomes/deliverables of the product. They also are in touch with Legal for approved wording in case of service impacts and answerable to the leadership for the impact.
They might not be actually coding a product at a low level, but they need to know the low level ins and outs of a product and should be able to translate that to a high level for the average consumer/leadership. There will absolutely be more responsibility here that I'm unaware of.



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