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madscience in  
Software Engineer 2 months ago

TikTok being banned?

Just saw an article on LinkedIn about TikTok being banned by a few states on their government devices.

Part of it says: The states' decisions come after FBI director Christopher Wray warned that TikTok — owned by Chinese company ByteDance — has the ability to control the app's algorithm to "manipulate content, and if they want to, to use it for influence operations." He also warned that the data could be utilized for espionage.

Can't say I'm surprised, but I have to wonder how this will impact it's usage within the general population as well. Seems like it's pretty common (at least in my circles) that tiktok is sketchy, but so many people still love it.

I also wonder if companies will start banning it on their work devices as well. My bosses have been tossing around the idea of it.

TridomMachine Learning Engineer 2 months ago
I was chewing on this this morning.

TikTok and social media in general is pretty caustic, so I don’t see it as a loss, but I don’t particularly trust a government that’s time and again shown itself to be technologically inept to regulate tech appropriately. While I’m sure the threats Tik Tok carries has to be pretty egregious to even get on their radar, I’m more concerned with the precedent outright banning it sets.
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