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New Grad looking for support

Hello everyone. I did not see any rules of whether this is allowed or not, but I wanted to share my Resume and get some advise. I recently graduated from a lower University in Cali and am now seeking my first role in this field. I have a few things that I believe keeping me from getting responses and even passing interviews:

  • I am in my mid-30s and did not have time to level up on Leetcode because I also had to work full-time and cultivate my relationships while in school.
  • Although I always passed my courses, I only did enough to pass. Therefore, I did not do any significant side-projects and feel like I did not retained most of what I learned because it was A LOT. This does not mean I was not trying, as I was up often until 12-1 am and had to go to work at 8 am.

I think these two are my main problems. Now that I have graduated, I still spend hours a day reading and coding to try to get better. I understand I need to focus on some Leetcode as well.

I am looking for advice on getting employed and am even willing to work for free/ intern (if hours align with my current schedule) to get some real-world experience. Any direction and sincere constructive criticism are welcomed. Are any sites better for finding employment?