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Product Manager a year ago

Is Product Alliance worth it?

Product alliance has a deal for all courses. The cost is $579. Is it worth it? Has anyone used Product Alliance to help them in interviews and in landing an offer? 
ASAPProduct Manager at Microsofta year ago
I don’t think you NEED it since you can find similar material on YouTube for free. I got the most value from watching the product design interviews. Had it not been for watching these videos I would have been caught off guard and had no structure when asked about product design. I was a PM in banking and all they had ever asked was behavioral questions. Looking back the $500 is nothing since I more than doubled my comp moving into tech but what percentage of PA customers actually get an offer? I have no idea but it worked for me.
PMLoveProduct Manager a year ago
Thanks for sharing! It seems it was worth it because of the move into tech.



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