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Product Manager a year ago

Product Manager - Amazon

Hi there! I'm trying to make the move to Amazon for product manager position and has not been successful. Wanna get your thoughts and advice esp. from those who went through the procees, particularly:
- is referral the only way to get past resume screening? I applied 2 times before and never heard back. I do believe I'm much better in person than on paper so need to find the right way to do this.
- I heard that I should maintain a period of at least 6 months between applications - is it just myth or it really impacts how recruiters would view my profile if I apply for multiple posts during a "short" (less than 6m) period of time?
- any Amazonian/ Amazonian PM that could help me with a referral and/or a quick chat - i'd love to learn more?

Thanks guys!

SrProdMgrSEAProduct Manager at T-Mobilea year ago
About the 6 month period - it's not about you maintaining a 6 month period. The reality is that if you interview for a position and don't get the job, then you will not be allowed to interview again for at least 6 months. They actually increased it to 12 months last year but I don't know what the number is today. Apply as often as you want, it doesn't matter. Screening calls don't count. Only actual interviews post-screening. If you have already interviewed with them, the recruiters will tell you if you're still within the current window (whether it's 6 months, 12 months, or something else) and need to wait another X months, or if you're eligible to proceed.