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Is tech down or what?

Saw some stats about the layoffs and Oracle, Tesla and Netflix laid off staff, as did Peloton, Shopify and Redfin.  Meta, Google, Microsoft and Intel made plans to slow hiring or freeze it. Coinbase and Twitter rescinded job offers. And more than 580 start-ups laid off nearly 77,000 workers. Robinhood was hiring so quickly last year that it acquired Binc, an 80-person recruiting firm, then did two rounds of layoffs this year, cutting more than 1,000 employees.

Then you have companies pausing and holding offers for candidates leaving them in limbo for weeks. Not to mention all the recruiters who have been laid off. Luckily some smaller companies give them opportunities to join sales or marketing or even research but that's few and far between.

The news is saying there's a recession but you can never know for sure since those determinations are all about economic "perspective"

so depending on who you talk to, we're in a great spot right now since jobs are up in industries that were severely impacted by covid. Techwise, I think there's a lot of shake ups about to happen, especially with the T1 companies. Who's leading the pack right now?

It's up imo. Other than all the political bs, tech is making headlines and people are trying to find ways to work with a tech mind-set. Even small coffee shops in my town have new tech products and stuff. It's the future and you need tech to survive