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Free Resume Template from Levels.fyi and resume.lol

We recently worked with resume.lol to craft a standard resume template for those in tech. We hope it helps folks get their resume up to speed without having the burden of focusing on formatting or structure.

Check it out here: https://www.resume.lol/templates/levels-fyi

Levels.fyi Resume Template – resume.lol

Levels.fyi Resume Template – resume.lol

Resumes generated with markdown and CSS. Finally making your resume easy to create and update.

bringeeRecruiter a year ago
This is great! Figured I'd jump in to share some of my tips from a recruiting perspective as well, in case it helps! - Feel free to play around with the order of the sections. If you have solid work experience, then I'd suggest moving the education section to the bottom or something, since that'll be less relevant once you're established in the industry. - I really like the technical skills section and how it's categorized out. It makes a big difference for a recruiter's quick glance to see what is relevant to the specific job. - City, State, and Zip, is pretty outdated, you could just remove that altogether. - Summary section is completely optional, but can be useful if you have a unique situation. Say you're a founder and are now applying to an industry role, or if you're a self-taught engineer, using it to explain uniqueness in your situation is helpful. But if you're a SWE who's moving from Amazon to Google, it's not really necessary. Hope this helps!
memesSoftware Engineer at Riot Gamesa year ago
hey there! I made the site. Would love to connect and get the current pulse on the resume strats if you be down :) thank you for your thoughts!